Winter Solace is based in the United States, all prices are in US dollars. All Orders MUST be processed through the webshop.

- To check on the status of pre-orders go CLICK HERE

+++ PAYMENT +++

- Credit Cards (our processor does work internationally) - Invoicing in the USA will now be met with a $1.00 charge.

Other methods (Use the "Email Invoice Payment Option")

- Venmo (place info in the special instructions)

- Transferwise (extra fees applied - outside the US only)/Moneygram/Western Union & Mailed Cash/Money Orders

Winter Solace Productions does not accept Paypal or CashApp

++++ SHIPPING ++++

Winter Solace Productions is not responsible for postal/customs damages.

- It is not possible to add stuff to orders after it is paid for. Packages are combined at my discretion. 

- Media Mail with USPS is the default option. The alternative is UPS Ground.

- Orders over $100 or with rare vinyl records will require a signature

- If it shows up as “delivered” and you claim the package isn’t received, you must open a formal inquiry with USPS/UPS.


- ALL INTERNATIONAL ORDERS ARE SHIPPED BY UPS (not the US Postal Service) at a discounted rate of 68 to 70% unless the provided address is a PO Box or requested otherwise. The starting flat rate shipping price is still $25 USD.

- It is best that you use the “Email Invoice/Offline Payment/International Order” payment option and then I will contact you with further instructions/amend the invoice, so you are charged the exact rate.

- In the event of error or damaged items, my only option is to return the money. Refusal will be a perm ban from the store.

- Customers for Mexico are advised to pay extra for registered mail/EMS or UPS shipping.

- If you are getting errors at checkout, WATCH THIS VIDEO  before contacting me.

- As of 11-25-2021 the decision has been made to restrict the sale of certain items to Canada, due to problems with Canadian Post.

- Due to abuse, any orders returned here for anything related to non payment of taxes will be met with a $20 service charge + storage/expenses.


+ Any issues you have with your order must be made known within 72 hours of package receipt, orders may only be canceled 24 hours after sending payment. You WILL be charged a restocking/processing fee.

+ It is assumed anybody ordering is 18 years or older and can verify if asked.

+ If I am unable to send your order out due to errors on your side, you will be billed for storage starting at $1 per day.

+ As an institution Winter Solace promotes people thinking for themselves. If something in here is offensive to you, do not buy it. Many products can't be imported to certain countries and it is assumed that the customer knows what they are buying before they order it.

+ The right to refuse service to anybody for any reason without disclosure is retained.

+ Demo submissions, free promo items or anything mailed here without notice will be either returned to sender or disposed of at expense to the sender.

+ Requests to hold stuff, offers to trade for distro items or questions about who are distributors outside the USA are (as this is posted online) will be ignored.

+ Inquires related to Vothana, Xenocide, OOP Winter Solace releases and other idiotic stuff will be responded with an invoice for wasted time and bandwidth.

E-Mail - [email protected]
Business Phone/Telegram/WhatsApp - +17635670575

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