1. Prices are in US Dollars.
2. ALL Orders must be processed through the web shop.
3. Inquires for items not listed in the shop or to hold items will be ignored.
4. If you want stuff listed on Discogs + distro stock, pay via the “email invoice” method and email me.
5. It is not possible to add stuff to orders after it is paid for. If it is a separate order it is a separate package. - For information about pre-orders, read below.

+++ PAYMENT +++

- Credit/Debit Cards. 
If your card order is declined multiple times, it is an error with your zip code. You likely might need to use an older billing address.

All credit card invoices done outside the Webshop for either order error, adding stuff to pre-orders/errors/reimbursement for non store expenses, digital downloads, international orders or anything else that are paid by credit card will now incur a 5% charge. This is because I have to use a secondary payment processing company for just invoicing. Invoices such as these can't exceed 250 USD.

Other methods (Use the "Email Invoice Payment Option")

WISE - Secure bank transfer in either USD or Euro - This is our preferred method to receive payments. To sign up is free.
- Venmo - Place info in the special instructions at checkout.
- Zelle - USA only, will delay processing of your order by 5 business days.
- IBAN/SWF Bank Transfer via Wise. You do not need a wise account to transfer to me.
- Money Order/Mailed Cash.
- Western Union

Winter Solace Productions does not accept Paypal or CashApp.

+++ SHIPPING +++

Winter Solace Productions is not responsible for postal/customs damages and I am unable to do anything unless the order is returned here.



- I’m not responsible for any issues, damages, returned packages or slow delivery times related to Media Mail. The alternative is Retail Ground (USPS) or UPS Ground.

- Orders over $100 or containing rare records will require a signature. Orders returned here unsigned are subjected to a $5 handling charge.

- Unless the error is traced back to a problem with the pre-paid postage system, you will be responsible for all charges/storage fees related to getting your order returned. This includes charges with media mail returns, errors with mail carriers (which can be resolved by calling or going to your local post office) or any other party. Should your order show up as “delivered” and you still claim you do not have it, I’m unable to do anything unless you open up an inquiry with the Postal Service.


The minimum amount you will be charged for postage for any order is $30 USD. Shipping by either the Postal Service or via UPS is possible. The sale of certain items are restricted to Canada, Germany & Austria.

- It is best that you use the “Email Invoice/Offline Payment/International Order” payment option and then I will contact you with further instructions/amend the invoice so you only pay me once.

- If you are getting errors at checkout, watch this video before contacting me.

- Effective 10/20/2023 - All retail orders to Canada & Brazil will be sent with the customs forms being tagged as "Merchandise" listing the full value of the order that will match what would be on your receipt from the webshop or other invoice. 

- Orders to Canada must be fulfilled by the courier company UPS to go around your countries postal system. Small orders (CDs without Jewel Cases) depending on the size/value can be sent without you having to pay a brokerage charge. Larger orders are around $7.00. Depending on what city you live in this is cheaper than Europe.

- Mexico and most South America countries only have guaranteed tracking via EMS/Express mail which is extremely expensive. I'd advise you look into what brokerage fees you'd need to pay with a UPS shipment to your city.

- Due to abuse, any orders returned here for anything related to non-payment of import taxes will be met with a $20 service charge + storage/expenses.

- Fixing mistakes/order errors is extremely expensive and our options are limited. Refusal to accept a refund will result in a ban from the store.


Posted arrival times are only estimates and updates can be found via social media.

For American customers: If you want to add items to a pending pre-order, please write your order number in the notes, pay via the “email invoice” option and I will waive postage. If you are paying by credit card to do this there will now be a 5% invoice charge.

For International customers: You will not pay me postage until I actually have the items to send to you.


- Any issues you have with your order must be made known within 72 hours of package receipt, damaged items can only be credited out (not replaced) if you choose a shipping option other than Media Mail and there isn't a voluntary hold on delivery or a mail forwarding service involved. The specific return policy can be read here.

- Effective 5/1/2024 and backdated to all orders from 2024. Winter Solace does not replace warped records, a tutorial on how to fix these can be found here. I do not want orders from people where this is in an issue, I own warped records that play just fine. 

- Orders may only be canceled 6 hours after sending payment. You WILL be charged a restocking/processing fee of $10 per order. 

- It is assumed anybody ordering is 18 years or older and can verify if asked.

- As an institution Winter Solace promotes people thinking for themselves. If something in here is offensive to you, do not buy it. Many products can't be imported to certain countries, and it is assumed that the customer knows what they are buying before they order it.

- Anybody who files a chargeback dispute with their bank without contacting me prior to resolve the issue will receive a permanent ban from the store regardless of circumstances, no exceptions. 

- The right to refuse service to anybody for any reason without disclosure is retained.

- Inquires related to Vothana, Xenocide, Asrar, OOP Winter Solace releases and other idiotic stuff will be responded with an invoice for wasted time and bandwidth.


E-Mail - [email protected] - Business Phone (Calls are screened)/Telegram/WhatsApp - +17635670575

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