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- Accepted Payment Methods: Paypal, Credit Cards (some processing delays) or Cash (USD)/Money Order -

The Automated shopping cart process is only for residents of the United States, anybody outside the US will need to e-mail or write on social media their orders.

Residents of the United States

Any orders (with the exception of shirts) over $50 are post paid.

(If you select the option at checkout)

All shirts have a postage markup as they can't be sent media mail.

Postage for Canada & Mexico*

1 to 5 CDs = $12 USD

1 to 6 tapes/vinyl/t-shirt = $14 USD

6 to 12 CDs = $16 USD

6 to 12 tapes/vinyl/t-shirt = $21 USD

12 to 18 items/vinyl/t-shirt = $23 USD

18+CDs (JUST CDS) = $25

18+ other items = priority flat rate box

(starts at 40 USD)

Postage for Rest of World

1 to 6 CDs = $16 USD

1 to 3 tapes, 6 to 18 CDs = $18 USD

6 to 12 CDs = $20 USD

4 to 6 tapes, 18+CDs (JUST CDS) = $24

7+ tapes, anything with vinyls or clothing is a customer quote, starting at 32+ USD

Registration (under 1.8kg) = $20USD + Postage

EMS (over 1.8kg) = Specific quote, this is very expensive.

*All orders to Mexico, Romania, Bolivia, Malaysia & Indonesia must be sent registered or EMS.

Brazilian customers are encouraged to have PO Box.

Other information

+ Any issues you have with your order must be made known within 72 hours of package receipt.

+ By buying anything you accept that Winter Solace Productions is not to be held responsible for damages (including broken tape boxes) caused by postal workers/customers workers nor import taxes.

+ Not all products are legal in all countries, know what you're buying and how it relates to laws in your area.

+Winter Solace promotes free thought, if something here offends you don't buy it.

+ If you're ordering multiple quantities of something, write first.

+ Tape sound quality is only guaranteed for Winter Solace (and related sub labels) releases.

+ The right to refuse service to anybody for any reason without disclosure is retained.

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