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CashApp for US customers is preferred. For the credit card processing, the automated setup is still under development and is only supposed to be clicked once. If you'd rather have me invoice directly to your email please use the "Invoice by Email/Offline Payment Method/International Order" option. 


Orders ship from the United States, usually on Fridays/Saturdays.

For International Customers.

PLEASE USE THE "Invoice by Email/Offline Payment/International Order" option for accuracy.

1. There is a flat rate shipping option of $20 USD for any order. Larger orders will be invoiced for a second payment for additional postage. Postage is expensive and there isn't anything I can do about it.

2. CDs ship without Jewel Cases.

3. If you are getting errors at checkout, watch this video -  before contacting me.

4. Refusal to accept refunds when the sitituation deems necessary will result in a permanment ban from the store.


+ Any issues you have with your order must be made known within 72 hours of package receipt, orders may only be canceled 24 hours after sending payment. You WILL be charged a restocking/processing fee.

+ Winter Solace Productions is not to be held responsible for damages (including broken tape boxes) caused by postal workers/customers workers nor import taxes.

+ As an institution Winter Solace promotes people thinking for themselves. If something in here is offensive to you, do not buy it. Many products can't be imported to certain countries and it is assumed that the customer knows what they are buying before they order it.

+ Due to reasons stated Ad Nauseam elsewhere, I can't guarantee the audio quality of cassettes copied by hand. Requests for replacement dubs, refunds etc are not honored, if this is a problem for you do not place an order or do not buy products released in this fashion.

+ The right to refuse service to anybody for any reason without disclosure is retained.

Stuff which will be ignored.

1. Demo Submissions

2. Requests to Hold anything. Buy it when it's listed.

3. Requests to trade for distro products (I only trade with labels/distros)

4. Questions about whom are distributors outside the USA are. The list is here. I however can't guarentee what they will stock and in what quantites.

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