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For US residents: Any orders over $50 are post paid. 

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For those outside the US: A $25 flat rate shipping option is offered as an alternative to high postage costs. 
If you order only CDs and pay the flat rate price, you will be refunded the difference. Those CDs will be sent without cases.

(Traditional prices are also offered as well) 

Winter Solace Productions promotes free thought and does not seek to promote hate/ism's/dogmatic ideologies. The right/left political paradigm is a trap for complete human enslavement. 


1. Not all items are legal in all countries, it is assumed you know what you are buying and how it relates to laws within your country.

2. Winter Solace Productions is not responsible for items damaged by postal/customs workers. This includes cassette boxes, or the tapes being magnetized.

3. Any issues you have with your order must be brought to my attention within 72 hours of package delivery. 

4. You will be held liable for any additional charges or anything related to operator error with the shopping cart. 

(Non-payment for any reason without notifying me will result in being put on the public blacklist)

5. Winter Solace Productions only guarantees sound quality for Winter Solace or Lunar Heathen Front releases. Anything else is not my responsibility, detailed explanations for this can be found on the main website.  

6. The right to refuse service to anyone for any reason is retained, people who behave like sub-humans will be put on the blacklist.

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