1389 "Zima"

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The term Raw Black Metal is an umbrella word that actually has separate different styles within it. Vozd Jovan Pogani has dedicated his life to playing a raw black metal style that focuses on crisp instrumentation and a clean but not clean production style. Finding people who play this way now is very rare, but a welcome break from the numerous drugged out low-fi stoners, bedroom NSBM projects made by retrards and people using feedback to compensate for an inability to play properly. Zima (meaning Winter) is a work different then what people have come to conclude to be 1389 and has been lost among the massive discography of endless splits/failed relaunches.

Following in the footsteps of: Inferno, Silva Nigra, Algor, Moonblood, Lord Foul (Brazil), Evil (early Drum Machine era), Haat, Graveland (thousand swords era) and of course Darkthrone. This album is a perfect trip into a misunderstood world (almost always kept alive in black metal by the Slavs) that is more often then not discarded in favor of other more popular directions. If you understand the direction he is going on this album, you will no doubt appreciate such a work however if you don't well that is fine too. Unlike the other 3 1389 albums this one has prior to now only been released once, on a limited cassette that was never distributed.



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