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  • Master/Cover/Dubbed
    This section is for cassette releases where only the cover & sometimes a sticker are manufactured by the label that releases them. The actual audio is dubbed onto blank cassette tapes using a tape deck & CD player. While this method isn't commonly used anymore, a vast majority of the early black metal cassette tapes were released in this fashion and there is still a few distributors out there that have to release things in this method. It is worth noting that it is very difficult to find proper blank tapes anymore and all the ones I can buy are off of Ebay with random levels of quality. Due to reasons stated Ad Nauseam elsewhere and online, I can't guarantee the audio quality of cassettes copied by hand. Requests for replacement dubs, refunds for sound quality etc are not honored! If this is a problem for you do not place an order or do not buy products released in this fashion.
  • Professionally Manufactured
    This section is for cassette tapes that have been professionally manufactured at a production plant. These cassettes are professionally replicated, and have far less issues copied by hand.

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