Ethnic Cleansing "Hail AIDS!"

Ethnic Cleansing "Hail AIDS!"

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It is important the we take a break from releasing materials and telling people not to buy them to raise awareness for aids. Active since 1989, Stooley Carmichael was considered to be controversial among his fellow comrades with members within the movement questioning his sanity for having the audacity to hail a mass extinction of the human by a global aids pandemic and refusing to conform to the influence of Heavy Metal music upon Oi/RAC skinhead culture. Very inappropriate and absolutely illegal, this recording is the ultimate anti-record.

Slanderous publication “Wolves Among Sheep” paint a picture of this recording being the most racist recording of all time and a true Zenith for consumers. Various commentators within skinhead music declared this to be a point of no return only to be consumed by those truly dedicated to the music, rather then the image the music sells them. Ethnic Cleansing is only for the .01% of the population that really get it, and will be rejected by all others.

This tape is 100% official and fully authorized by Stooley Carmichael, released by White Beasts Of Wotan records onto hand-numbered professionally manufactured cassettes with a full color J-Card using the original CD as an audio source, rather then the mp3's floating around the internet. Every single obvious NS black metal band I've ever cut a demo for owes their existence to this recording and the straight forward anti-conformist aesthetic of this album is pretty much the core of the Winter Solace worldview. Unlike other editions of this album, this tape is the only way many NSBM collectors and consumers will be able to own a physical edition of this album.

Seeing as I am unable to take a payment for something this infamous through my traditional payment processing methods it will show up as sold out in my shop and was already blocked on discogs before the release. So this posting contains written instructions on how exactly one can purchase this album if you are intelligent enough to read and remember to discard your colored pencils. Please discard the colored pencils. Also, in the event that somebody gets cheeky and decides to spill the beans on how to order this, I may be forced to destroy the entire pressing.

Solace329 – Please Discard The Colored Pencils “Inconspicuous Ambient Music”

The artwork of this recording is perfectly appropriate and legal in all countries throughout the world. Unlike every other electronic recording I've released, this entire album has been put online so the purchaser can know beforehand that the cassette they order and pay me money for shall contain the music that is for stream online and not some other title in an entirely different genre of music. It is also important to highlight the second track of this album named “To Those Who've Always Doubted How Serious My Convictions Are, Are You Still Laughing? Because, Now I Am” as a recommendation for any would be listener.

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