Fatelancer "In The Twilight Of Our Republic"

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While Winter Solace Productions is mostly known for exporting an endless amount of the most obvious and polarizing NSBM in the world. The main goal of the label has always been to release new and innovative music. The 2nd Fatelancer album would most certainly fit that bill, and is a welcome additional to the Winter Solace entourage. Black Metal with Alt-Right politics themed about American border security, patriotism, current events and Trump populism. Fatelancer is a less comical Alt-Right band, compared to the other one KEK (which is still in limited stock on both pro CD and pro tape) and will probably upset just about as many people.

Musically the influence of this is the same things that build every other great American black metal band, Blazebirth Hall (in this case, the non atmospheric parts) and old American Death/Thrash metal. Fatelancer will, like every other successful USBM artist go on to find success by not attempting to copy the Europeans in any manner or form. This is probably the first political themed Black Metal album released by an American band that is truly American in nature. Due to an inability to predict appeal for the Foreign market and being ripped off by the very unprofessional 8MerchUSA company the pressing of this is less then the normal run of Winter Solace CD Products. Cassette version due out by Brotherhood of Light sometime in the future.


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