Floral Of Forever "Ad Infinitum" - 10 Copy

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There will not be a European or South American distributor for this. Most of the Dungeon Synth community is made up of liberal/antifa trash whom refuse to buy this, support this or promote this due to the political stance of the label. You can now buy this at wholesale price to trade or resell to these people so they can buy it safely. Had any other Dungeon Synth label released this, this would have already been sold out.

The holy grail of these types of rare Dungeon Synth recordings is Floral Of Forever's “Ad Infinitum”, made in 1996 on the island of Borneo. The original artist being a well established underground figure inside his country of Burnei, however completely unknown outside of Southeast Asia. The only release of this project is a 16 minute demo cut that has been fully exhumed, given artwork by Winter Solace thanks to the efforts Heritage Nusantara and reissued as a completely professional manufactured limited pro-cassette product.


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