Floral Of Forever "Ad Infinitum"

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In the late nineties many underground black metal artists improvised and released numerous fantasy/LOTR battle ambient recordings to provide an outlet for their powers of sorcery and clairvoyance. At present these recordings are now trotted out (or manufactured entirely) by numerous “underground” black metal labels and marketed to the consumers with a very high price tag as Dungeon Synth. Dedicated music scholars (http://dungeonsynth.proboards.com/thread/499/white-knight-kekistan-dungeon-synth ) debate online if these recordings are actually Dungeon Synth or not and people on the internet who were kids when these materials were originally recorded kill each other to buy mindlessly, perpetuating this simply disgusting cycle.

The holy grail of these types of recordings is Floral Of Forever's “Ad Infinitum”, made in 1996 on the island of Borneo. The original artist being a well established underground figure inside his country of Burnei, however completely unknown outside of Southeast Asia. The only release of this project is a 16 minute demo cut that has been fully exhumed, given artwork by Winter Solace thanks to the efforts Heritage Nusantara and reissued as a completely professional manufactured limited pro-cassette product.

There will be people who will decide (based on the fact that I alone invented the NS Dungeon Synth music genre) to post childish things on the internet in a misguided attempt to sabotage the distribution of this production. It should be noted that this recording is not a political recording and the ramblings of these delusional persons only reveals how much of the mind control still consumes them.


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