Hate Ejaculation "Adolf Hitler: Forgotten Zionist (A Seperation Of The Lunar Heathen Front Mythology from The Nazi Wicker Man)"

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As these projects grow older it becomes apparent that many previous statements, releases, actions, ideologies need to be either revised, expanded upon, or otherwise put into a correct context to align the past with the future. Numerous typo's that we discovered after everything was printed aside, this album seeks to do just that. The 3rd HE Full length and the first release of this project onto a pro CD, showcasing this bands experimental Dark Ambient style and providing an in-depth analysis of the true outcome of the Holocaust/Nazi Germany. This publication shall be the last written by the Lunar Heathen Front in regards to Adolf Hitler, and it is to be known that these writings are not to be a capitulation to the dogma of Political Correctness, but a rejection of the godless Right/Left political paradigm enslaving all of humanity. The grand chessboard is fully revealed and the path to spiritual redemption is laid out for all to behold.   


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