Hitlerismo Esoterico "Martinete Antisemita"

Hitlerismo Esoterico "Martinete Antisemita"

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Distorted Rachera & Cumia music/comupter Noise/Electronica.


Unholy Manipulations Ov Material Granatus And The Percussion Brigade Ov The Panzer Doom 88 Calling The Storm - The NS Ninja
Kvlt BlacKKK Vomit SStain ov Bagalama in Demonic Worship Ov Joseph Mengle And Medical Experiments - Aryan Edgelord No. 5
SStrings Hanging The Islamic Scum Within The Kristallnacht Ov Complete Intolerance & Evil - Based Sitarist
TM-9088MM Bullets Into Skull Of Random Zionist Non-Binary Person In The Glorious Name Of National Socialism - Klogga88
Atomic BaSS Synthesis Of Jewish Juice & Bestial Hellvomits ov The Holocaust Denial (Track Six) - Grim Panzer Kommander

Esoteric National Socialist Non-Music Of W.A.R! 1488!

Recording Entirely Improvised In Delusion on 5/25-26/2019, Kekistan!

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