Iudaeorum Mortem/Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle "Polish/Brazilian Bestial Terror of War"

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Iudaeorum Mortem's "Total War Worship" demo cassette was released almost 2 months ago and is now already half gone, which is something that in the 11 year history of Winter Solace (a label that desires to keep our material in print for as long as possible) is simply unheard of. Now reissued onto Pro Glass CD, this recording will be here to stay for quite a while. Belligerent NSBM from Poland holding more comparisons to real metal such as Infernal War, Thunderbolt, Impaled Nazarene & Angelcorpse then what one expects by something tagged as NSBM.

Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle play patriotic metal in vein of early Holocausto, Absu, Possessed (Seven Churches), Stahlgewitter & Korrozia Metalla. RMC are well-experienced veterans of the modern underground (active since 2004) who's reputation for professionalism is a welcome & inspiring change from the chaotic music scene of South America. This CD is their first release in a decade produced entirely by a label outside of South America.

Para clientes e distribuidores no Brasil, 100 cópias estão sendo entregues por um correio diretamente para a banda e devido a altas taxas de postagem e importação, é aconselhável que você receba da banda. (For customers & distributors within Brazil, 100 copies are being brought via a courier directly to the band and due to high postage & import fees it is advised that you get from the band.)

Iudaeorum Mortem - http://youtu.be/vE_fLd-mu5M

Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle - http://youtu.be/38R-RPPwnE8

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