Karma Yoga 88 "Mahanirvana Tantra"

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Karma Yoga 88 is/was the most perplexing yet accessible off shoot of the NS Techno/Outsider music genre. Indo-Aryan/Hindi sound collages fused with minimalist walls of crumbling stretched tones. Mahanirvana Tantra is the most sought after of all Lunar Heathen Front recordings, blending the radicalism anti-commercialism of National Socialist Black Metal with the universe warping psychedelic spirituality of Free Jazz/World music. This release compiles all KY88 materials and the LHF writings about multiple levels of consciousness onto a glass pressed professional CD. Banned by various leftist/fascist online platforms and cast aside by the radical right of underground music for not adhering to the preset narrative, Karma Yoga 88 is a wonder of the Esoteric that many are simply unable to comprehend.

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