Lord Foul "XVII Anos de Culto ao Primitivo Cru, Som para Satan"

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The term Raw Black Metal has many distinct sub-genres and styles. In a field of Ildjarn clones there is a different style of Raw, Primitive black metal that a more crisp, clear & ominious quality to it, devoid of many of the Instagram/collector kvlt gimmicks of the modern scene. From the state of Sao Paulo, the Brazilian Lord Foul bend the phrase Raw Black Metal into a direction more similar to: Moonblood, Soveregin, Haat, Gestapo666 and the well known Winter Solace band (with whom a seven inch will eventually be released) 1389. This Pro CD compiles all of the material originally released as limited cassettes under the Winter Solace banner a decade ago. This, for many is the only window into the Winter Solace of that time which is different from the Winter Solace of today. Remastered with the intent of keeping the original production as it was back then.


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