Malefice "Rencontre Avec La Bête"

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Malefice from France, one of National Socialist Black Metal's most unique entities. Mixing esoteric Vril occultism, symphonic/dungeon/epic Black Metal played by an all-star cast of Europe's most talented musicians and a very original/unique design approach that will never be replicated. "Unleash the Beast" is the second album, never before released onto cassette, nor given any type of distribution on American soil, now at long last here. Featuring a line-up of various guest vocalists, a couple of whom you'd never think you'd see on a Winter Solace release. The Winter Solace collection of unique and original artists (as it takes one to know one) isn't necessary "Petite" but this album belongs right at home on the top shelf with many of this labels best.

Official European Distribution by Die Welt Gehort Uns Records.

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