Nachtkrieger/Winterfrost/Blood Ritual/Alem-Homem "Ancient Ways Of Yore"

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Of all the releases I've done through the years, this one is one of my favorites. 10 years ago, during the days of AMF Productions, Gates to Valhalla, Armour Get Dawn, F.P.T, Tanhu and numerous Slavic companies (2001 to 2008ish) Black Metal was much different (as it was from the nineties) then it is now. These companies put out music that was the absolute golden age for what somebody I know calls, "Raw Volkish Black Metal" mostly on cassettes by artists that have simply disappeared. This was a very quiet era of Black Metal that came to exist with a solitary, stern mantra of a true and humble nature that is lost, in an era of signaling on the internet and people simply playing radicalized characters of themselves. My appreciation for this style of Black Metal has never wavered, even with many of these companies/bands being closed or simply rejecting my desires of support due to misunderstandings, fear of repercussions from state entities or other reasons. Ancient Ways of Yore is a tribute, in the Winter Solace way (as it seems we still can't avoid illegal symbols or other things) to those times with four bands (from four different continents) who could be considered some of the last torchbearers for this type of music.

+ Nachtkrieger from Quebec, is the best kept secret of Winter Solace Productions, moving far slower to the promise land then anybody. The forgotten cousin project to Frost & Der Misanthrope, Nachtkrieger has reigned silently over the Winter Solace roster for seven years, and is a mystery even within the rich underground scene of Quebec. This is the first of 4 planned CD releases, all coming in their own time.

+ Winterfrost from Spain, is a relic from Tanhu & Gates to Valhalla. With their last release being in 2005, this project has languished in suspend animation for 15 years, now back again to be apart of something that quite frankly, needs to experience again what happened in those early days. A reissue campaign is coming soon.

+ Blood Ritual from the Austalibus Tenebris collective in Australia has become one of the few people to escape the world of private pressings, artificially low limited releases and other things common to the land down under. A type of gritty, raw Black Metal with a aggressive metal edge that you don't find much, if at all among the "I Am Nothingness" low-fi stoners making "Raw Black Metal" music today.

+ Alem-Homem from Brazil is one of the many new projects to rise out of the southern front, harking back to the works of Draugurz, Woodsmarch, Inmitten des Waldes/Newton Schner Jr. rather then the usual gaggle of bedroom projects coming out of Brazil. The mellow vibes of early Drudkh, Hate Forest and other Slavic projects can be found here, yet presented in a way that is unique only to Brazil not appearing elsewhere.

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