Orden de Sangre y Sol "Orden de Sangre y Sol"

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As Winter Solace has existed for eleven and a half years, it is important to broaden the labels output/work in different styles of black metal in order to keep everything from becoming routine. This preference to work with unique entities that defy the traditional norms of the black metal has yielded a somewhat interesting (as Winter Solace was recently mentioned in an editorial for the biggest mainstream newspaper of Hong Kong) and controversial result.

Orden de Sangre y Sol (Order of the Blood & Sun) is the newest band to fall into this category of artists, treading similar paths as Jugra, Gateway of the Sun & their comrades in Sacrificial Massacre. Natavist/Aztec Militant Black metal in vein of BTC (specifically Blue Hummingbird on the Left) and Maquahuitl.

This self-titled release is the cassette of their latest demo, professionally manufactured and sealed with cellophane. Unlike some of this labels more well-known output, this release is perfectly legal and can be sold in a storefront or any other type of public display.


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