Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle/Sacrifical Massacre "Paulista Bronze War Campaign"

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A true split in every since of the word, featuring 2 of the most unique entities under the ever expanding right wing black metal umbrella. Fusing the ideologies of Sao Paulo Patriotism & Bronze Nationalism, with a blantently explicit docterine this release is simply a sledgehammer to the modern world. A rich blend of Black, Thrash, Death/War Metal & RAC, this CD showcases the veteran expereince/militant percision of Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle (whom have been serving since 2004, with their frontman also being the drummer of Evil) with the fast rising "Native American NSBM" star of Sacrificial Massacre. Guarenteed to excite and bewilder onlookers while still being a uniqe stand-out in the bands discographies. Co-released with Pagan Infantry and while people have asked about seeing Sacrificial Massacre on other formats, the current plan is for this to only be released onto CD.



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