The return policy of  as indicated on the main page of the store is very specific and handled on a case-by-case basis. This policy only covers returns related to orders originating from this web shop. For returns from Black Metal Shop in Germany, please refer to their specific policies as that is a separate entity.

Please note that simply disputing the charges with your bank, payment provider or any other entity prior to contacting me about it will result in a permanent ban from the store. 

Returns are only accepted under the following circumstances: Inventory Error, Lost/Credited items or Damages (in specific situations, see below) by the postal service. The primary reimbursement for returns is a credit for damaged items or items that are out of stock.

1. Issues with your order must be brought to my attention within 72 hours of the package being indicated as delivered by the postal service regardless of country of destination.

2. If there is any hold by a third party for any reason (including a vacation hold by the postal service) your order is not eligible for a return. This also includes people receiving orders on your behalf.

3. Items indicated as [USED], [AS IS] or otherwise have damaged listed in the product name or description are not eligible for return.

4. The assumption is that the buyer has researched whatever they are purchasing and returns for people not liking the items, ordering multiple copies, customs issues (international orders) or for any reasons beyond lost items, inventory errors or damage in specific circumstances as outlined above are not accepted.

For customers with orders being shipped within (for mail forwarding services, such as Doral, FL see below) the United States. For International Customers shipping to Mail

5. As indicated when you select the shipping option of “Media Mail” in the checkout. WS-LHF Publications is not responsible for any issues with Media Mail delivery and will not pay out or address any claims of damages/returns for any orders sent via Media Mail.

6. For lost packages, damaged items or anything else. WS-LHF Publications retains the right to request or require a formal inquiry to be opened with either the US Postal Service or UPS as a condition for returns.

The address (this address is not to be entered into any other third party websites) to send returns to will be provided upon request to anyone who asks.

Returns are to be sent via the postal service/media mail only. On the outside of the package one must write in legible handwriting “WS Return” so it can be correctly processed.

For International Orders, APO/FPO orders or

5. Pictures of damage must be submitted via email, and you will likely be encouraged to destroy the damaged articles at your own expense. Customs inspections will void any claim for damages.

6. Inventory Errors will likely be shipped to an address in Italy that can only be provided upon direct request via email. International Shipping returns are processed by a third party affiliated with Black Metal Shop in Germany.

Note: For Orders Being Sent to Mail Forwarding Services (such as Doral, FL) or being sent to a resident of the USA for export to another country. Once the items are delivered to either the mail forwarding service or to your agent in the USA, the Responsibility of WS-LHF Publications ends.

Note: For orders being sent via general delivery for pickup prior to returning to your home country. Please verify with the post office you’re having accept this for you that they can actually accept orders for General Delivery. In the event of delivery after you leave the USA, you will not be eligible for a refund and will be invoiced for wasted postage. Do not have bulk orders sent to you in this matter.


7. In the event a return is credited out, refusal to accept credited out will result in a permanent ban from the store. Orders within the USA are credited out via Money Order. Orders outside the USA will be credited via IBAN bank transfer. For customers in SWF countries, you will be paid by another European entity on our behalf.