Von Hexe "Ord-O Acausa Caenaculum"

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Von Hexe is the main project of M Ahrin Von Past whom is a multi-talented instrumentalist working in the black metal realm. Either as a permanent member or session for projects such as: Malefice, Via Dolorosa, Devotion Omega, Xeper (the guy he did this with now plays in Gorgoroth), Abhor, Toby Knapp and a plethora of others, Ahrin's approach to song writing is something that will be a pillar in Europe for years to come. The album "Ord-O" for me was probably the best CD in the batch released by the now defunct War Kommand Records, and now is released onto cassette.

Rarely does Winter Solace take our dog & pony show into the realms of traditional black metal, however this is an exception. Ord-O Acausa Caenaculum is the definition of the Italian composition/song-structure based approach to black metal song writing that has brought the works of many Italian bands to forefront of the modern music scene. Black Metal Arya Satanica!

This release will be available from me (and other distributors in Europe if requested) as a red professionally duplicated cassette and there is also a master/covers edition for international distribution, as many of my distribution partners have requested after almost all the tape releases were moved to a per-manufactured format. 


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