Warrior's Chalice "The Ungrateful Blessing"

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Warrior's Chalice are one of the many groups of kids that come through here, however unlike most of the others they actually listened to the materials I sent them when I released the older demos then proceeded to get a real drummer, a proper recording space, find and then learn how to play properly a style of metal they like. The end result of this process is the pro tape EP released now.

The Ungrateful Blessing is a fusion of old American Black Metal (Lord of Depression, Ceremony, Wind Of The Black Mountains) and the 8-String Bass formats/styles of the Greeks (Necromanita, Varathron & Kawir) to make something that is simply extraordinary. Serious riffs and human drumming recorded in a proper studio, this is furious and proper American Black Metal with the same fire and spirit that years ago burned from one end of the country to the other.

Track: The Ungrateful Blessing

Track: Between Seas and Silent Dreams

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