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Since 2008, Winter Solace Productions has been known for exporting with factory like precision blatantly explicit National Socialist Black Metal. This music style has made this label an outsider among most of the black metal world (NS or otherwise) and likely the mostly polarizing entity operating in the modern time. This split album, is the absolute perfection of this style and will no doubtfully be seen by history as an influence upon the future generation of NSBM artists.

Zk is king of all the explicit black metal edge lords, Raw Production mixed only with explicit hate, there is no compromise, there is no desire for acceptance among "the elite of the elite" and each release is a statement against the cancer of the modern world. This split is the first of two being released this year, following the very successful "A.R.R" compilation that shall pave the way for a vinyl only full length album next year.

Rache, following up their debut demo "Vril's Soliders", act as a mysterious black metal entity following the footsteps of DS and Command, closing out the second half of this split with a smooth, stern assault acting as a perfect contrast to the ZK portion.



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